BIOL 100: Survey of Biology (Bodas)

This guide is for students in Kanchan Bodas' sections of Biology 100. Use this guide for your biology research projects.

Databases for Info in Health & Sciences

I recommend the databases below for finding scholarship on health and science topics

  • Note: To find scholarly articles, be sure to check the box for scholarly/ peer-reviewed articles.
  • Note: Many journals place a hold on their most recent publications. Available articles may be a year or so delayed. 
  • Note: If applicable, check the box for Full Text to find full text articles only. If you are in the One Search, you don't need to check that box.
Holman Library One Search 
  • Holman Library One Search searches across all library databases at once. That can be useful, and it can also be overwhelming!
  • Try the One Search. If your search terms don't seem to be working, try searching in a specific database instead - and see what words do work in that database. 
Individual Databases

ProQuest Science & Technology Collection

Sample Search: "genetically modified food" OR "GM food" AND safe*

  • Limited to full text, peer-reviewed, and the past 5 years

Click on image to enlarge 

proquest sci tech collection search

Academic Search Complete

Using the Advanced Search feature in a database allows you to use more than one keyword or phrase (search terms) in order to get more relevant search results.

Here's a screenshot from Academic Search Complete with the search:

"organic photovoltaic cells" AND experiment. Arrows point to setting a data range and limiting to scholarly peer-reviewed articles only.

  • Click on a title to find and read the abstract.

Click on image to enlarge

Gale Health & Medicine:

"Alzheimer's Disease" AND women with a date limit of the past fiver years and limited to peer-reviewed journals and full text

Click on image to enlarge

Gale Health and Medicine

Use InterLibrary Loan

No library has it all! 

Use InterLibrary Loan (or ILL) to borrow scholarly articles from other libraries. To see what else is out there in your field, don't check the box: Full Text. 

Articles usually arrive quickly and in your email, so you could see articles you request within a couple of days.

Use your article's citation to fill out the Student Interlibrary Loan form.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have other questions about InterLibrary Loan.

Why Scholarship?

Step into the Scholarly Conversation with Current Research & Analysis

Find Scholarly Articles to learn about:

  • Current research
  • Data or statistics
  • Theoretical analysis
  • and more

Watch this Video for a quick overview of how to find and use scholarly journal articles.