BIOL 100: Survey of Biology (Bodas)

This guide is for students in Kanchan Bodas' sections of Biology 100. Use this guide for your biology research projects.

Background Info in DATABASES

Library databases are specialized research tools that find reliable info not generally available on the internet

  • Start by typing in your broad topic area
    • example: obesity, aging, cloning, gene therapy, depression, ..etc.
  • Add a second search term or phrase to refine your first word
    • example: genetics, prevention, ethics, etc.
  • My starting search below is for "genetically modified foods"
    • I could narrow my focus by adding safety in the second search bar

NOTE: GVRL is a multidisciplinary database that addresses research topics in all subject areas

GVRL - article title

GVRL-gmf article highlighted

CQ Researcher Reports

Search the library database CQ Researcher for reports on current topics in the news, including the intersection of science and human society.

Science Reference Center

Limit ro Reference Sources to get Started.

Why start with reference?

Use Background Info as a Starting Point

An overview of your broad topic area helps you understand...

  • what the key issues are and how you may want to refine your topic
  • definitions of key concepts and terminology in the field
  • who are the stakeholders (the groups or individuals this topic concerns)
  • a context of how your topic relates to the other issues that surround it
  • a historical perspective on your topic
  • specialized vocabulary or search words that are used in your field (you will use these words for searches later in your research process)

Background Info in REFERENCE BOOKS

Reference Books: Use in the library or photocopy or scan:

(you will also find some of these books - and others - in the database GVRL)

  • look in the back of the book at the index.
  • the index will quickly tell you the page numbers where your topic is located

some reference books to start with...


Environment & Ecology

Health & Medicine


Science & Technology