SOC 202 The Sociology of Food

Before You Search...

Always start with background info. Even though these sources are not considered "scholarly"... 
  • they are excellent tools to get you a basic understanding of your topic
  • they will supply you with the critical keywords necessary for the next step: construct an effective advanced search for scholarly sources

Find Background Info

Before you start more complex research, gain good, grounded background info on your topic.

1. Click the Gale Virtual Reference Library link below:
2. Do a basic search on your food, example: coffee

3. Different books give you different flavors of information, so you you may want to use a couple books to give you a fuller understanding of your topic.  Look for books that focus on food itself or food as a commodity. 

click on images to enlarge:

example of an article from a larger book about food

example of an article from a larger book about world trade

4. You can use these articles as sources for your project.  Also, scan the article for search words that you can use for future searches:
  • click image to enlarge

Selected Reference Books

  1. Click on the books below
  2. Then search for your food in the "search within publication" box

search within publication search box