BTAC 111: Introduction to Computer Literacy

Career Research Resources

Searching with Career Planner

Start with Career Planner to assess your strengths, interests, and needs, and explore potential career pathways. 

  1. Creating your account 
  • If you don't have an account with Career planner, click the link below to first create your account. 
  1. Logging into your account
  • After creating your account, click on the Career Planner database link below to log in

Additional Career Exploration Resources

Want more? See our Subject Guide (link below) devoted solely to Career and Job Research:


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Books (and videos) available at the library and online.

Search by Keyword: 

For example:

  • IT AND jobs OR careers
  • "great jobs for"
  • nursing job
  • creative careers 

Browse by Subject Heading

For example: 

Sample Titles:

Browse the Shelves Online by Call #

  • Browse the book shelves for call #s 331.702 or 650.14 to see a range of books on choosing a career.
  • We also have a select few titles on the Essential College Skills shelves near the Reference Desk. 
  • Don't forget that we have lots of electronic books and videos too! You can find and access them through the library catalog

Holman Library has video resources for career exploration and career training.

You can search for them two ways:

  • In the Holman Library Catalog.
    • Use search terms such as Careers or Training.
    • You can add a second search term, such as Administrative or Office to designate a career field.
  • Search the Streaming Video Database Films on Demand from either the library homepage or this class research guide. You can't Google for these resources. If off campus, you will be prompted to add your SID.
    • Select Collections
    • Limit to Careers and Job Search

Try this subject heading: Self-Evaluation for a list of books and videos on figuring out what you want to do.


Search for additional career videos in the library catalog and in Films on Demand.

Research & Explore Careers using resources on this page

Explore & Research Careers

Find links to Holman Library's career database, Career Planner, as well as government websites, books and videos and other campus resources.

You can also access many of the following resources directly from the library homepage.

  • Just click on Databases by Subject and select: Careers, College, & Essential Skills.