BTAC 111: Introduction to Computer Literacy

Evaluating Info

Determine if you have a reliable source. Assess the ABCs:

  • Who wrote it? What is this person’s expertise or authority on the subject?
  • Who was the info created for? 
  • Why was this information published?

  • What is the point of view or purpose of the publisher/author? Have you looked the publication/ organization up online? (Wikipedia can be a good source for this!)

  • Do you think it impacts what information is presented and what information is omitted?

  • What kind of information is included? Is it in depth or superficial?

  • What is the purpose of the information? Is it intended to inform you about something? To educate you? To sell you something? To entertain you?

  • How do you know the information is accurate? Have you confirmed the claims in other sources? Can you trace claims back to the original? 
  • Is this information source current enough for your purposes?

Assessment Rubric & Practice Sites

Download the checklist.

You can use it to critically assess information - in your academic work and in your life!

TOPIC: Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Assess and compare the two Web sites below: 

Both are on the subject of Green Tea