BTAC 111: Introduction to Computer Literacy

Search for Career and Business News in Library Databases

Find Business & Career News in Library Databases:

Type in your search terms, or keywords, to find relevant information in ProQuest Business or another database. A search for information about the growth of Starbucks franchises might start with the keywords Starbucks AND franchise AND growth. You could set a date limit too.

Click on image to enlarge: 


  • Try different search terms to get to the most relevant articles.
  • If you get too many titles, try adding another search term to narrow and focus your results.
  • Pay attention to the Suggested Topics box. Do those terms get you better (more relevant) results? You can mix and match their terms with yours.
  • You can limit by year of publication.
  • You can limit by full text (which means you will only get articles you can read in entirety).

How do you know which articles meet your needs?

Your search results list looks like this. 

  • Read the abstract, or summary, to understand the key focus of the article or report. Is it what you are looking for?
  • Use the tools on the web page to further focus your search for the right info. 

Find Reliable Information in HL Databases

Career-focused Research in Holman Library

The previous page focused on evaluating web content to help you find reliable sources online.

This page will help you find reliable information in Holman Library article databases.

While the focus is on business research, these databases are interdisciplinary and you can use them to search for information in other fields and on other current issues.

Online Business & Local News