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HIST 021/136 U.S. History 1 & HIST 022/137 U.S. History 2: Find Videos

US HIST 1 = HIST 021 / 136 and US HIST 2 = HIST 022 / 137

Find Books, Articles and Videos in the Holman Library

Searching for sources

Search for books, articles, and videos in the Holman library

  1. First: Try broad search words relating to your topic.
    Example: genetically modified food 
  2. Try a new search. Add words to narrow your search. 
    Examples: nutrition | legislation | controversy | small farms | hunger | safety | labeling | pest resistance

Example searches: 

  • genetically modified food labeling
  • genetically modified food safety
  • genetically modified food hunger
  1. Brainstorm synonyms or related terms for search words
    Example: hunger- food supply, food security, famine, malnutrition

Example searches:

  • genetically modified food famine
  • genetically modified hunger
  • genetically modified food malnutrition
  1. Finally, refine your results by source type =  "books" 
    Note: You can request that books be sent to the Kent, Enumclaw or Auburn SBAC campuses from the Holman Library)

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Strategies for Holman Library One Search

Strategies for Holman library One Search

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Image of the One Search search page, highlighting how to use the limiters on the side to carry out a search

Films on Demand

King County Library System (KCLS) Video Databases

Accessing the KCLS Library System

As a student at Green River College, you automatically have access to online library resources at King County Library System. 

King County Library System logo

Use the links below to find streaming videos!
  • To Log in: use GRC + your student username. (The part before the @ in your GRC email address.)
  • Example OLD email: GRCjsmith23
  • Example NEW email: GRCsmith.jane.23
  • PIN number: your pin is the last four characters of your log in. Example: e.23
Steaming Video Databases
  • Access Video
  • Hoopla
  • Kanopy