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HIST 021/136 U.S. History 1 & HIST 022/137 U.S. History 2: Find Articles

US HIST 1 = HIST 021 / 136 and US HIST 2 = HIST 022 / 137

Useful Databases

Searching for Articles in the Databases

Search for journals, magazines, and newspapers in library databases linked below.

Searching Databases For Scholarly Articles

Why Use Different Source Types?

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Scholarly Journals are written in an academic style by researchers who are experts in their field. These articles will give you detailed and in-depth research on a narrow topic.    
Popular Magazines
  • Magazine cover popular interests and current events. These articles will give you a general overview of a topic and an idea of the public opinion on the issue.   
  • Newspapers cover daily reporting and editorials. For topics about the Civil War it will be best to use historic articles written during the Civil War.


Limiting by Source Type

Limit results to scholarly journal articles in database searches by following the steps below.

  1. First, search library databases. 
    • Example: united states civil war AND (women OR female) AND (soldiers OR military)

(click on image to enlarge)

search box with the terms listed in the example written out above

  1. Next, limit your results to "peer-reviewed" articles
  • Note: this option is usually on the left or right-hand side of the result list.  It may look like either of the following images (click to enlarge).



Can't Find the Full Text of a Book or Article?
  1. Note down the author, name of book OR title of article, name of the magazine, journal or newspaper, and date of publication
  2. Make an Interlibrary Loan Request using the following link so that the book can be sent to Green River's Holman Library for you to borrow: (NOTE: this process may take one week)
  1.  To see an example of how to make an interlibrary loan request:
  1. Or Ask a Librarian for help!