Research Guide: Primary Sources

This guide was created to help you learn more about primary sources

Older Magazines

  • Use proximity searching for best results. Example: negro NEAR education

Browse Paper Copies of Magazines in the Library

Using original print resources

The library has paper copies of old magazines! These can be useful as primary sources!

  1. Note the date/time period of the historical event or era you are researching
  2. Browse through the back issues of magazines in the periodicals section of the library (they are shelved alphabetically)
  3. You can photocopy any articles you find

image of a TIME magazine cover

from January 11, 1960

Read this cover story article
(find the paper copy in the library):
What were the concerns with the world's population from a 1960's perspective?
Are they the same concerns we have today?

Some suggested places to start:

Magazine Ads - Find in a Database

(click on image to enlarge)

image of an old ad, From the Saturday Evening Post, 1961

From the Saturday Evening Post, 1961

Magazine Ads

Advertisements from Old Magazines

These can give you a perspective on the society and cultural values of a historic era, as well as a window into the clothing styles and technological advances of the day!

Find a collection of old ads in these books: