Research Guide: Primary Sources

This guide was created to help you learn more about primary sources

"The Current" - Green River Digital Newspaper Archive

"The Current" Green River College Student Newspaper Digital Archive contains issues from 1965-2009, with more recent issues added regularly.

  • Keyword search the full text of all issues.
  • Or search by date range or a specific date.
  • Use as a primary source! (Articles from a specific time period can be primary sources, eg, newspaper articles that reported student protests in the 1960s or the college's name change in 2014.)

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Primary Source: Report to the Emperor

What might the tone of this report reveal about the reception of Buddhism in China?

photo of a Buddha statue, from early 7th century

Primary Source: Photograph

image of a 5 year old boy, dressed in working clothes - from the early 1900s

Image Source: Hine, Lewis Wickes. Manuel, the young shrimp-picker, five years old... Feb. 1911. Library of Congress, Accessed 1 Apr. 2020.

  • What might this boy and this photograph reveal about the nature of child labor?

Primary Source: Drawing

What might this reveal about how children coped with the September 11, 2001 national tragedy?

image of a drawing of an american flag, created by a child after 9/11

Image Source: Woodward, Brittany. My Country Tis of Thee. 2001. Library of Congress,