Research Guide: Primary Sources

This guide was created to help you learn more about primary sources

What's in this guide?

Finding and using Primary Sources

This guide will help you understand the differences between primary and secondary sources, and how to find different types of primary sources.

image of anne frank's diaries, open pages, loose letters, all laid out on display

Image source: Part of Anne's Rewritten Version of her Diary., Anne Frank Stichting, Accessed 31 Mar. 2020.

Acknowledgments: Some content of this guide was used with permission from University of St. Thomas Library.  Many thanks for sharing their excellent work!

Note: This guide was updated by CD in April 2020 and further updated in May 2023. If you see errors, have questions, or suggestions for improvement, let us know by using the contact information on the "Get Help" page of this guide!

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