Library Research: A Step-By-Step Guide

Use this guide to learn more about the research process

Step 2e: Find Websites

Why use Websites ?


You must carefully EVALUATE if the website is...
  • can provide up-to-date information
  • can quickly link you to further info on a topic
  • may provide info that is not available in books, articles or videos
    • authoritative, accurate, reliable
      objective, current and relevant

Advanced Google Searching: Be a power searcher

Advanced Google Searching

Use Google Advanced Search for power searching on the general web

  • Note your ability to limit to one particular domain (.gov, .edu, .org):

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Image of Google Advanced Search page

Searching online

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Source: "Searching Google Effectively" by Joshua Vossler, UWF Libraries, Educational use.
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Source: "Evaluating Websites" by csufpollaklibrary, Standard YouTube license