Library Research: A Step-By-Step Guide

Use this guide to learn more about the research process

Step 1: Develop a topic

The research process has many steps.

The first step is identifying your topic.

This section of the guide will help you to learn how to do the following tasks:
  • Understand your assignment

  • Select a topic

  • Develop research questions

  • Identify search words

  • Find background info

  • Refine your topic

Follow these steps:

First, watch the video overview linked below that shows how to develop your topic.

Then, after you have viewed the clip, click the next tab to complete the following tasks.

Starting with a question

decorative image of the questions who when what why how

A part of the research process is asking the right questions, and then asking them again! 

Image Source: "Key Questions" by Mohamed Hassan is in the Public Domain, CC0