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Fine Arts: Home

This guide provides resources to help you research different forms of art, find images and write about a piece of art.


Green River College fosters an in-depth preparation for the study and creation of art. In this guide, you will find information about books and media, ebooks, databases, websites and art images that will help you to write, talk, and think about art from multiple perspectives. Included are:

  • General, historical, and biographical sources
  • Dictionaries of terms used in the arts
  • Websites that will guide you in how to write about particular art forms

 Dust Storm, Oklahoma 1936 album cover - Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around"Cape Cod Morning by Edward Hopper

Starting Research


At first you need to develop a search stategy:

1. State your topic and phrase it as a question - identify the main concepts and keywords for your research.     

2. Find background information - look up your keywords in encyclopedias.

3. Use Primo One Search ("Books and Media" tab) to find books and media.

4. Use Databases ("Finding articles" tab) to find periodical articles from newspapers, magazines and academic journals.

5. Find reliable Internet resources.

 In this guide you will find a lot of useful resources for your research.


Dewey Decimal Art Classification (some call #s)

You can find books about art in Main, Reference and Oversize collections under 700 - 799 Dewey Decimal Classification Numbers. Ask a Librarian if you need any help.

700 The arts 
   703 Dictionaries & encyclopedias 
   708 Galleries, museums, private collections
710 Civic & landscape art 
   712 Landscape architecture 
   717 Structures 
720 Architecture 
   721 Architectural structure 
   729 Design & decoration
730 Plastic arts Sculpture 
   736 Carving & carvings 
   738 Ceramic arts 

740 Drawing & decorative arts 
   741 Drawing & drawings 
   745 Decorative arts
750 Painting & paintings 
   752 Color 
   753 Symbolism, allegory, mythology, legend 
760 Graphic arts Printmaking & prints 
770 Photography & photographs 
   778 Fields & kinds of photography 
   779 Photographs
780 Music 
   781 General principles & musical forms 
   782 Vocal music 
   784 Instruments & Instrumental ensembles
790 Recreational & performing arts 
   791 Public performances 
   792 Stage presentations