Engl 190 Young Adult Literature

This research guide is to help students enrolled in English 190 - Young Adult (YA) Literature

Challenged & Banned Books

A Note about Paywalls & Articles on the Web:

Some of the articles on this page of your guide are from Web sources rather than library databases. Be aware that online news publications usually have a paywall that limits how many times you can read that publication for free per month. That means you may only have access to those articles a few times. If you hit your limit, try another browser - but be aware that access is finite. If you have a problem with the paywall, please ask a librarian for help.


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Most Banned Books in the first half of the 22-23 school year

Monst Banned Books in the First Half of the 22-23 School Year

Supplemental News Articles, Reports, and more:
WA State Book Bans/ Challenges:
WA State Library Challenge 

A book challenge fight in Dayton County, WA escalated to an effort to close the local public library. In Sept. 2023, the courts declared the initiative to close the library unconstitutional.

National Perspectives:
The Case of Scholastic Publishing: 

Challenged & Banned Book Lists

Explore titles in ALA's top ten by year or explore the past decade by title, author, or state in the Pen America index.

Find Reviews, Analysis, & Interviews

Learn about the titles that have been challenged and/or banned. Look for:

  • Book ReviewsAuthor Interviews, and News & Analysis of one book or of multiple texts.

Use library databases to help you search.

  • Type in book title and/or book author
  • Type in important concepts and issues, such as challenge OR ban*, schools, LGBTQ, etc.
  • Use database limiters to focus by source and document type, subject term, and more. 

You may also go directly to specific review/ news journals linked below.

One Search:
Literary Analysis Database:
Multidisciplinary Databases
YA Book Review & Literary Culture Journals

Amanda Gorman's poem "The Hill We Climb" - Restricted from K-5 Readers

The complaint: 

complaint filed against Amanda Gorman's poem

Course Chapter: The Importance of Character Representation