Engl 190 Young Adult Literature

This research guide is to help students enrolled in English 190 - Young Adult (YA) Literature

Find Books in Holman Library

How to Find YA Fiction

Know what you want? Search:

Use the search box below to look for for YA books in in Holman Library.

Please note: Holman Library carries YA Fiction in print only. We do carry 70 or so YA Graphic Novels online. If you are taking an online class, the library will mail books you check out from the library. You are responsible for returning them.

How to Search:
  • Type in the title of the book.
  • Tip: Put the words in quotes OR from the Advanced Search page, change the search field to Title as in the image below.
  • You may need to add the author's last name to limit your search.
    • Sample search below for: Blackout AND Clayton (title AND one author's surname) 

Blackout AND Clayton AND books

Search your title below:

Looking for Ideas? Browse: 

Not sure what you want to read? Here are some strategies for exploring what's out there. 

Strategy 1: Search by author
  • If you liked one work by an author, why not check out other books by them! 
  • Tip: From the Advanced Search page, change search "any field" to "author/ creator" to only find works by the author and not works about the author.
    • The image below show a search of works by the author Laurie Halse Anderson.

laurie halse anderson

Strategy 2: Browse Holman Library's YA Books Collection

Click on the link below to look through our YA books collection! You can then go to the shelf in the library to physically get the book or have the book mailed to you if you are an online student.

Young Adult Fiction Collection

Strategy 3: Browse by Subject Heading or a Subject Heading and Keywords combo
  • You can start with the subject headings below.
  • Tip: Limit to books to find fiction (and some works about fiction) in print. 
    • Sample search: Subject: Young adult fiction AND Keywords: gay OR LGBTQ 

Young Adult Fiction AND gay OR LGBTQ

Sample Subject Headings: 
  • Find additional relevant headings as you explore! Click on titles that sound interesting and scroll down to see affiliated subjects or use the menu filters and look through suggested subjects.
Strategy 4: Search by Keywords
  • Search by keywords that capture a genre, audience, and/ or concept. Note that you will find some fiction that is YA fantasy and some non-fiction about YA fantasy. 
    • Example: teen OR "young adult" AND fantasy

teen OR "young adult" AND fantasy

Strategy 5: Read about YA Lit
  • Look through book reviews and resources about YA lit and discover authors and books you didn't know about!
    • Example: The Subject Heading for Young Adult Fiction returned the e-book Contemporary Dystopian Fiction for Young Adults. When I skimmed that book, I learned about Saci Lloyd's environmental thriller, The Carbon Diaries.

Strategy 6: Explore Books Lists
  • Browse book lists in this guide to find award winning books and books by topic!

Explore Graphic Novels

There are many graphic novels in the library's collection. In fact, there is a guide dedicated to them! Linked below find a link to the Graphic Fiction & Non-Fiction guide, as well as relevant subject terms to explore.  

Graphic Fiction & Nonfiction Subject Guide:

Featured YA Books

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The Hate U Give

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