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Why Cite?

Why cite?

When you present research, you participate in an informed conversation.

You cite your sources, in order to:

  • Give credit to others for their ideas, data, and words.

  • Demonstrate due diligence and give weight to your analysis.

  • Leave a research path others can follow.

Be sure to cite your sources in your paper and oral presentations!

Citation Help

What is a Citation?

  • A short description of the source for your information.
  • Contains information on who wrote it, what it is (title), and where you found it (book or other resource title).
  • Used to give credit to the sources you use in your writing.
  • Provides information to help someone find the source.
  • Annotated Bibliographies include a paragraph describing each article or book in the reference list.
  • Usually uses either APA or MLA style.

Evaluating Information

business scales

How can you determine if you have a "good" information source? 
Assess the following:


  • Who publishes the website?  Is this a well-know or respected institution?
  • Is there contact information for authors of the website content?  What is their background or credentials?
  • Is it a commercial site (.com), a government site (.gov), an educational site (.edu), a non-profit or other organization (.org)? How does this affect the information presented?
  • Do other reliable sites link to this one?
  • Are facts, ideas or references credible and backed up by citations to the original sources?
  • Check facts against other web sites. Are claims and facts verified on other reputable websites?


  • What is the purpose of this site: to sell, inform, entertain or persuade?
  • Who sponsors this website?  What is their agenda or goal?
  • For what audience is this site written?
  • Is there advertising on the site? Does this influence information found on the site?
  • Are arguments well-reasoned and supported?
  • Use Wikipedia to look up the site. What do you learn about the site's funding, point of view, and reliability?


  • Is the information on the page up-to-date?
  • Is the page updated regularly?
  • Are there dead links?

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Quick Guide - APA

Quick Guide - APA Citation Style

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