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HUMAN 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Sims): Course Themes

This guide is for students in Marcie Sims' Humanities 160: Introduction to Gender Studies

Humanities 160 Course Themes

Course Themes:

  1. Sex vs. Gender
    • Defining terms/ history
    • The spectrum of sex, gender, and preferences
    • Intersectionality and Gender
  2. Gender Codes
  3. Gender Identity
  4. Masculinity/Toxic Masculinity
  5. Femininity/ Feminism
  6. Communication and Gender
    • Language & Gender
    • Non-verbal communication
  7. Gender & Relationships
    • Gender dynamics in relationships
    • Opposite sex/ same sex
  8. Family & Gender
    • Gendered family dynamics
    • Gendered division of labor
    • The changing landscape of the American Family/non-traditional families
    • Division of labor in the home and gender codes
    • Parenting and Gender

Theoretical Approaches

Theoretical approaches to analyzing gender constructs: 

  • Intersectional theory
  • Queer theory
  • Trans theory
  • Feminist theory
  • Modern Feminism

Gender in Cross Cultural Context

Use this page to help you find information about Third Genders in cultures around the world.

You will need to dig for and sythesize information from a range of sources for this assignment, as the library may not carry books specifically on your subject.

Experiment with different keywords and subject terms to find information on the Third Gender in your chosen country. For example:

  • Third Gender
  • Third Sex
  • Transgender
  • Multiple Genders
  • Intersex/intersexuality
  • Gender Identity 
  • Gender Queer
  • Non-binary Genders
Note that ProQuest uses the Subject Term "Transgendered Persons," while Academic Search Complete uses "TRANSGENDER people." 
You can also try culturally specific terms:
  • Hijra
  • Kathoey
  • Bakla
  • Two-Spirit
  • Berdache
  • Muxes
Tip: Try a search using a subject term or keyword AND a nation.