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HUMAN 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Sims): Find Background Information

This guide is for students in Marcie Sims' Humanities 160: Introduction to Gender Studies

Online reference sources

Use the following online reference databases to find background information in encyclopedia articles and reports.

  • Gather facts, history, laws, definitions, key terminology, and leads to resources.

Sample Reference Books

Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a source for educational videos. 

  • Browse videos about Gender, Masculinity, Sexuality, Family, Work & more.
  • Browse videos about transsexuality or Third Gender issues and more.

Sample Streaming Videos - Films on Demand

Film: The End of Men

screenshot of video - decorational

Film: Tongues Untied

Films in Holman Library

Find Current News, Analysis & Opinion in library periodicals databases


will help you find magazine and newspapers articles that are often not freely available through the internet.

What should you type into the search fields? 

  • Try a range of search terms, from general to narrow. 
    • Ex: homelessness is a broad concept
    • Ex: "right to shelter" OR "right to housing" is a narrower focus in a discussion of homelessness

Search for Magazine and Newspaper Articles in Library Databases

Use ProQuest, Academic Search Complete, and Academic OneFile to search for magazine and newspaper articles for your Panel Presentation and Background Essay.

  • Tip: You can limit to only magazine and/or newspaper articles by marking the appropriate boxes under Source type or with the menu to the left of the search results.
  • Tip: If the articles you're finding are too short, try limiting to Cover Story or Feature at Document Type.
  • Tip: Use database limiters to search for current articles, to look for useful subjects and keywords, and, if you are finding a lot, to limit to Full Text only. 


Suggested magazines

Suggested Magazines

Here's a list of magazines I think are great places to look for your article. Each links to the database list where you can search directly for articles. 

Current News & Analysis in Multimedia

Find Videos, Radio, Podcasts & More