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HUMAN 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Sims): Find Literary & Cultural Criticism

This guide is for students in Marcie Sims' Humanities 160: Introduction to Gender Studies

What is Criticism?

CRITICISM is analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of authors and their works of literature, which can include novels, short stories, essays, plays and poetry.

Such critical analysis is often written by literary critics and is found in essays, articles and books.

"Criticism" is not necessarily negative; "criticism" means a thoughtful critique of an author's work or an author's style in order to better understand the meaning, symbolism or influences of a particular piece or a body of literature.

Some criticism, such as book reviews, is often written for the general public. Scholarly criticism is more in depth and sustained, and is written for an academic audience.

Literary Criticism Reference Books and Database

Enter search terms that capture your topic. 

  • You may use keywords for a body of literature or a concept or theme.
  • You may also search by author and/or title. 

Find Criticism in Other Sources

Books can be scholarly too. Search directly in our ebook collections for current criticism, analysis, and theory.

Find thoughtful, substantive book reviews: