ENGL 101 English Composition 1

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Welcome to the Research Guide for English 101

This guide is designed to help build your research skills and help you find appropriate resources for your writing assignments. 

You will also find a small sampling of resources to help you with the technical aspects of writing.


Image source: from  "Notetaking" by David Travis is in the Public Domain, CC0

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Class Research Logs/ Handouts - Spring 24

Research Logs

  • Find the Research Log that belongs to your class

If you are on campus, you will need to SIGN IN again when prompted to be able to edit and save this word document to your One Drive.

  1. Click on the document
  2. Open it from the lower left of your screen
  3. Do not close the pop up that prompts you to sign in again. Do sign in again! .
  4. You can work on the research log and send it to yourself, print it, or save it to your One Drive.