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ENGL 101 English Composition 1: ENGL 101

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL&101 at Green River College.

Welcome to ENGL&101

Welcome to the Research Guide for English Composition I

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This guide designed to teach critical reading and effective writing, skills you will need in all other college classes and throughout your life.  This Research Guide is intended primarily to help you find appropriate resources for your writing assignments.  You will also find a small sampling of resources to help you with the technical aspects of writing.

Use the tabs above to navigate

In Writing Basics you will find a handful of resources, both in print and electronic form, to help you with basic composition skills.

Finding Books and Finding Articles lead you through step-by-step processes to locate resources on the library shelves, electronic books, and library databases where you will find items such as academic articles and scholarly journals.

ENGL&101 students are often assigned writings that are argumentative (taking a position) or informative in nature. In the Argument and Informative Essay tabs you will find explanations of both of those types of writings and resources that can help you research your topics.

Evaluating Websites gives you guidelines and strategies for assessing the quality of your information sources (the Web and more!) and for finding quality information online.

Citing your Sources gets you the info you need on how and when to cite your sources and use information ethically.

Research to Go offers a few additional useful tips and tools for eLearning students.

When you need personal assistance, please contact your librarians: Help.

Note: This guide was last updated by CD in July 2020. If you see errors, have questions, or suggestions for improvement, let us know by using the contact information on the "Get Help" page of this guide!

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