ENGL 101 English Composition 1

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL&101 at Green River College.

Welcome to ENGL&101

Welcome to the Research Guide for English 101

This guide designed to teach critical reading and effective writing, skills you will need in all other college classes and throughout your life.  This Research Guide is intended primarily to help you find appropriate resources for your writing assignments.  You will also find a small sampling of resources to help you with the technical aspects of writing.

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Image source: "Notetaking" by David Travis is in the Public Domain, CC0

Note: This guide was last updated by CD in Oct. 2020. If you see errors, have questions, or suggestions for improvement, let us know by using the contact information on the "Get Help" page of this guide!

One Book 21-22: So You Want to Talk about Race

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So You Want to Talk about Race

Current GRC students may pick up a free copy of the book in Holman Library (or we can mail it to you).