ENGL 235 Introduction to Technical Communication (Milian)

For students in Patrick Milian's English 235

Social Enterprise Non-Profits

Browse / Search for Non-Profit Social Enterprises

Explore current non-profit social enterprises for ideas, examples of mission and vision statements, and more.


Step 1:

Choose your entry point: by location on the Map, download the PDF, or search by All Nonprofits and use limiters to find relevant organizations.

King County Gov Portal

Step 2

Type in an Organization you want to look up OR browse through listed organizations OR set parameters by Category or Community Served for a more focused list to browse.

King County gov search or browse

Step 3

Learn the basics on an organization in Guidestar

King County Gov - chosen from the list

Step 4

Go to the organization's website to read its mission and vision. If the site doesn't provide a link to its mission, look for an About Us or Contact Info.

350 Seattle -

seattle 350 mission

Sample Sources

Social Enterprise for Profit Businesses

Browse Lists of Social Enterprise Businesses 

- or search for more online.