ENGL 235 Introduction to Technical Communication (Milian)

For students in Patrick Milian's English 235

Research & Resource Guide

How to Use this Guide

This guide is designed to support each step of your social enterprise project.

Explore Current Issues has resources you can browse to explore current issues and generate ideas for your social enterprise business.

Explore Existing Social Enterprises lists nonprofit and for profit social enterprise businesses you can explore to get ideas on how to design and run your business.

Building and Running your Workplace has some initial resources on setting up your business and creating an inclusive environment.

Developing a Mission Statement and Visual Identity also have some initial resources to start you out. Be sure to look for other sources on the Business Databases page. 

Developing a Research Dossier has library databases and other search tools for your deeper research dive into the facts of your issue.

Business Databases & Essential Resources links to the library's collection of databases for business.

How to Search Effectively has two videos, the first on using keywords in databases and the second on strategizing where to look for the info you need.



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