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Islam in America

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Source: "Young Muslim Americans react to Islamophobia" by FUSION, Standard YouTube license

Islamophobia refers to irrational, unjustified, or excessive fear or hatred of Islam and of Muslims. Its more obvious manifestations include negative attitudes such as intolerance and prejudice; negative actions such as discrimination, harassment, and social and economic exclusion; verbal and physical abuse and hate crimes against Muslims and their places of worship; and the vilification of Islam as a religion and a way of life. It may also refer to the negative stereotyping of Muslims as extremist, barbaric, treacherous, violent, uncivilized, and sexist and to assumptions about the inferiority of Islamic culture and values. 

-From the Encyclopedia of Race and Racism

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Halstead, J. Mark. "Islamophobia." Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, edited by Patrick L. Mason, 2nd ed., vol. 2, Macmillan Reference USA, 2013, pp. 492-495. Gale eBooks, Accessed 9 Mar. 2021.

Muslim American Studies

Who are Muslim Americans?

"America is home to one of the most diverse Muslim populations in the world, including people of almost every ethnicity, country, and school of thought. Although they are widely viewed as recent immigrants, the demographics tell a different story. Approximately one-third of the community is African-American, one third is of South Asian descent, one quarter is of Arab descent, and the rest are from all over the world, including a growing Latino Muslim population. While exact numbers are difficult to establish, there are between 3-6 million American Muslims. About one-half of this population was born in the U.S., a percentage that continues to grow as immigration slows and younger individuals start having families."

Excerpted from "American Muslims in the United States," Teaching Tolerance: A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

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