Textbooks and Other Course Materials

A guide to help locate textbooks and course reserve materials

Paper Tree Bookstore

What textbooks do you need?

The Paper Tree Online Bookstore will help you determine which textbook you need for your class, and allow you to purchase it online. 

  • You can also visit the campus Bookstore in person to purchase or rent textbooks. 
  • Textbook Buyback is always held during Finals Week; check the bookstore hours for specific days and times.

About the bookstore

Photo of the bookstore's sign that appears on the wall just outside the store

"Paper Tree Bookstore" was taken by a GRC Librarian and is licensed under CC BY 4.0

The bookstore orders and provides textbooks for all Green River classes at all locations. The bookstore is more than your textbook and classroom supply resource; they also offer:

  • Office supplies
  • GRC clothing & gifts
  • Backbacks
  • Calculators
  • Course-specific Supplies (engineering, etc.)
  • Art Supplies
  • Drinks and snacks