Textbooks and Other Course Materials

A guide to help locate textbooks and course reserve materials

Campus Resources

MESA at Green River College

The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program at Green River College provides students with academic support  - including, in some cases, textbook loans - and professional development to ensure they excel academically and transfer successfully to a four-year institution to earn a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) degree.

-Most of the information above was taken from the MESA website (linked below)

About MESA

MESA is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective academic development program. MESA helps students become scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, filling an urgent need for qualified technical professionals. The primary goal of the Washington MESA Community College Program is to increase the number of historically underrepresented community college students who transfer and earn STEM bachelor’s degrees.

Open Doors at Green River College

The Open Doors program provides resources, including textbooks and other resources, to students in the program. 

"A partnership between Green River College and the local school districts (currently including Auburn, Tahoma and Kent School Districts) providing students who have not earned a high school diploma with a variety of new options to reach their educational goals. . . . For students who are meeting eligibility requirements, Open Doors pays for students' tuition, books and some course fees. Open Doors students receive one-on-one advising and wrap around services to help reduce barriers so they can focus on accomplishing their goals."

- From the Open Doors at Green River web page (linked below)

For more information about the program and its resources, click on the link below to view their website. 

TRIO Support Services

"TRiO Student Support Services increases opportunities for academic success for first-generation, low-income students and/or students with disabilities. It actively provides comprehensive academic support services and encouragement to eligible students."

To inquire about TRIO eligibility, and whether TRIO has the textbook(s) you need, please email: triodepartment@greenriver.edu 

The Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office (ODEI) has a Book Loan Program as a part of the CAP program. More information about who qualified and how to get in touch with the office, including options for Zoom sessions, can be found on the Commencement Achievement Program (CAP) page, in this guide.

Additional Course Materials

In addition to the books and materials in the library and the other departments on campus listed in this guide, there are a few other miscellious materials available to GRC Students.

  • To inquire about borrowing microscopes, please contact Patricia Desing, in Science Instructional Support at (253) 833-9111, ext. 4345
Sketch Pads
  • To inquire about the availability of sketch pads, please contact Aaron Hartzell, in the Fine Arts Administration Dept. (at (253) 833-9111, ext. 4809
Physics Textbooks
  • To inquire about physics textbooks for loan, please contact Heather Harper-Laux, in Science Instructional Support at (253) 833-9111, ext. 6921