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NATRS 461 Wildlife Ecology: Home

Land Acknowledgement

Green/Duwamish River Watershed Map (links to King Co watershed info)

Green River College (Auburn Main Campus) is situated upon the traditional (unceded) lands of the Muckleshoot and Duwamish Tribes (Green River/Duwamish Watershed).

Class Exercise - Jan. 26, 2021

In Breakout Rooms:

  • Your group will be assessing the article that matches your room number (the first link = "room 1" and so on).
  • As a group, discuss the following questions. Be prepared to share (briefly, 1-2 mins) with the class when we return to the main Zoom session.


  1. What type of source is this? (Try to be specific, don't just say "article") 
    • An observational / data-backed field research article?
    • A literature review / meta-review / overview of other research?
    • A report or agency white paper?
    • A news story?
  2. Who is the audience?
  3. Is the article peer-reviewed?
  4. How could it be used to support your class research assignment? (assume the topic matches, just for the purposes of this discussion)



Welcome to your NATRS 461 - Wildlife Ecology research guide.

Distribution of Myotis thysanodes in the United States

Geographical distribution of Myotis thysanodes according to Kays & Wilson, 2009.

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