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HIST 214 Pacific Northwest History (Norberg): Videos

Why Use Books?

Why Use Video or Audio?       

Video and Audio...

  • can be valid sources for research!!
  • give you a visual and emotional understanding of your topic
  • allow you to hear important talks or lectures at your own convenience 
  • can provide authentic, first-hand accounts of events from participants or witnesses in the film
  • are great for presentations you must give in front of a class - keep your audience interested and engaged!
  • need to be evaluated to determine if they are credible sources for your research

Movies and Videos from the Library

Streaming Videos

  • Watch entire videos OR just short segments of videos that are relevant to your research
  • Transcripts of videos are often provided as well as citation information

Documentaries - Suggested Sites


Includes thousands of archived films and news footage.  Great for historical research. 

  • Near the top of the page, click the drop-down arrow near "Moving Images" to search the different categories of films
  • Or, in the search box type documentary AND your search topic

Audio - Suggested Sites

Radio Programs or Podcasts