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Welcome to your Carpentry Research Guide!


You can use this guide to give you more information on library resources available for carpentry and construction topics, locate federal and state statistics and administrative code, and find safety information on a variety of construction topics. Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide.

Thinking About How to Start: Research is a Process

Source: " Research is a Process " by Anna Eisen , Standard YouTube license

In this video, the narrator talks about the "academic discussion." You can think about the "Professional Discussion" in a similar way-- doing research can help you answer questions or recommend the best methods by using evidence-driven practices.

Places that might contain valuable professional information:

  • Health and Safety Organizations (OSHA, CDC, Washington L&I)
  • Regulating Bodies (government; municipal codes; professional credentialing groups -e.g. licensing, etc.)
  • Professional Organizations
  • Trade Publications for carpenters, construction workers, or related fields
  • Research or Policy papers on related topics 

Spring 2020 - Library Research Session

Class Videos - Opens in Panopto

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  • Closed captioning is available (select the "CC icon" below the video run bar).

Video 1 - WWGA website link (if does not load in video below)

Creating Presentations with PowerPoint

Creating PowerPoints & Using Sources in your Own Work