What are Trade Journals?

What are 'trade journals'?

Carpenter MagazineTrade Journals (also sometimes called "Industry Publications" or "Professional Magazines/Newsletters" are publications that connect people in a particular professional field with information specifically useful for that profession. For example, the magazine Carpenter publishes news, summaries of recent research, and best practice guidelines for carpentry professionals.

Trade articles are good to keep people in a particular field of work (veterinarians, police officers, hotel managers, advertisers...etc.) up-to-date on trends in their line of work.  Articles often summarize and analyze findings from scholarly research.

Features of a Trade Journal

Audience: Written for industry professionals.

Author/Authority: Articles written by staff writers, though the magazine may sometimes accept articles from industry professionals.

Citations: Occasionally list references at the end of the article or provide footnotes within the text.

Content: Includes current events and special features within a particular profession or industry.

Frequency: Usually published biweekly or monthly.

Professional Organizations

Good Industry Sites to Start With

Related Industry Associations & Sites

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Looking for a particular type of info?

  • Search ".org" domains to find professional organizations
  • Search ".gov" domains to find government resources
  • Use Google Advanced Search to locate primary source information, such as tool documentation or safety statistics.

Use Google Advanced Search

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