Safety Topics (1st Quarter +)

You will need to find at least 3 resources on this topic. At least one of these must be a government resource such as OSHA or L & I. Only one of the three can be a video. Another can come from an industry source. If you use more than 3 resources, they can be of your own choice, but they must be from a substantial source, not an advertisement or a commercial product description.  

  1. Hand Tool Safety – how to handle sharp and potentially dangerous tools
  2. Power Tools safety, for example the nail gun
  3. Heavy Equipment Safety
  4. Ladder, scaffold and fall prevention
  5. Floor and wall openings: hazards and prevention
  6. Hazardous Environmental Chemicals Safety at Worksite
  7. Awareness of asbestos and how to deal with it
  8. Drugs and alcohol – Impacts and dangers in construction
  9. Heat Stress Prevention
  10. Fire Protection, sources of fires, prevention of combustion, how to respond to fires
  11. Power Line Contacts in Construction
  12. Safe lifting – Expectations, limitations, techniques
  13. Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hearing protection, respiratory protection and footwear
  14. How to avoid with and deal with and violence in the workplace
  15. First Aid – What belongs in a kit, an inspection of our kit, proper placement and signage,
    information about taking a course. The basics everyone needs to know.
  16. First Aid – The AED. Arranging for and hosting a demonstration. Inspection of our unit and proper placement and signage. 
  17. Caring for the Injured Worker, dealing with shock, electrical shock, and other injuries

Business Operation (2nd Quarter +)

Small Business Ownership / Limited Liability in Construction - what does it take in terms of professional license and documentation to run your own independent business as a handyman or contractor? What elements of management need to be considered such as licensing, bonding, marketing, customer relations, bidding, communications, billing, etc.

Building Technique or Trend (2nd Quarter +)

Building Technique or Trend: You can present on a current professional building technique or trend  in the Carpentry profession.

For example - house flipping -- what is involved? What kind of changes are made to the structure, typically? What do carpenters have to look out for when converting an older structure to flip? What is the forecast for this trend in the near future in this area (will we see more flipped houses or fewer?)

Tool Option (2nd Quarter +)

As an alternative to researching and presenting on safety, 2nd and 3rd quarter students can opt to research and present on tool usage.

An example of tool usage might be how to use a router. If you choose a tool, you will be expected to find and report on the owners manual and industry journals and literature. You will discuss safe usage such as the use of guards, hand placement, use of push sticks, and other elements of safety. You will also be expected to discuss how to get the best result from a tool. An example here would be to use backing for drilling through a solid piece of wood. Finally, you will be asked to demonstrate the tool use to the class in the shop.