ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Beals)

Monster-themed 101


Explore resources on this page to generate topic ideas if you are not sure what you want to focus on or to see what ideas pop up in relation to a starting topic idea.  

Explore Topic Ideas

Explore connections to current issues

Browse for Topic Ideas in Holman Library current issues databases.

  • You will return to these databases to gather background information and see what others argue.

You can:

  • Browse their topic lists for current debated topic ideas
  • Find reliable background information in reference sources on your selected topic
  • Learn about the issues raised by your topic
  • Learn about arguments from different perspectives on your topic
  • Find evidence to support your position

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database page showing to click on "broswe issues" from the menu near the top

CQ Researcher reports date as early as the 1920s. Be sure to check how current the info you find is! Even if a report is not current enough for your purposes, browsing topics is still useful for generating ideas. 

The Hot Topics list offers short reports on a range of subjects.

  • To find other short reports, select Advanced Search at the top of the screen and select Short Features as a limiter.

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 CQ Researcher database search page, pointing to the option to search by topic rather than just searching by a keyword. Here you can see a list of topics

Explore Ideas from Literary Analysis

Type your monster's name at Basic Search. See image 1 below.

Browse the list of titles to see how others have interpreted your monster. See image 2 below. 

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Image 2: (Click on image to enlarge)


Explore in One Search

Searching the library's collection

Use the search box below to search for books, ebooks, videos, articles, and more!

Browse Topics Online for Current Issues

Searching for Topics in the News

Newspapers are ripe with researchable topics! Headlines can generate topics or you can dig deeper for an issue that interests you.  Use the links below to find news articles to get ideas for topics.