ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Beals)

Monster-themed 101

Background Research

Your assignment requires you to research your monster and a cultural issue that is explored through them.

Use background sources on this page to:

  • learn about your monster and the context in which they were created
  • learn about your cultural issue

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Sample Searches and Tips

Start with Reference

Type in key words that capture your research topic. Keep it simple - and try different words and word combinations. 

For this first search, I kept it very simple and searched for reference articles on my monster: Godzilla. 

Please note that I could instead start with research on my topic. For ex: nuclear disaster

  • I limited my search to encyclopedia collections in the Arts, Environment and Literature. 
  • I found 41 articles, including articles on Godzilla as a pop culture phenomenon, Godzilla and film history, and Godzilla and the Cold War.

GVRL Godzilla results

A more refined search of Godzilla AND (cold war OR nuclear) returns fewer, more focused articles on that topic. 

Godzilla and cold war or nuclear

Including this article: 

Article on sci fi and cold war anxiety

Introductory Resources

Other Reference Databases