ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Beals)

Monster-themed 101

Why Literary Criticism?

Why use a Literary Criticism Database?

Literary Criticism means a thoughtful critique of an author's work or an author's style in order to better understand the meaning, symbolism or influences of a particular piece or a body of literature.

Use the resources on this page to generate ideas about your monster or literary text or to find criticism that supports your analysis. 

Note that this page includes both introductory overviews and more in-depth scholarly critical analysis.

  • I suggest starting with the introductory resources (Topic and Work Overviews, Reviews & News)
  • Then dig more deeply into ideas with scholarly analysis. You are required to integrate at least two scholarly sources into your essay. 

Literary Criticism (gale lit w/pic + db) [no assets=okay to map OR copy]

Using Gale Literature

See what literary critics write about your monster as metaphor. 

Type your monster at keyword. You may add a theme, specific work or author. 

  • Once you see results, like those shown below, you can also view and limit by type. Here, in this search, we see Critical Essays

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frankenstein in Gale Literary Sources

Scholarly Literary Criticism in databases

Search for scholarly literary criticism in multidisciplinary library databases.