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CMST 213 Social Media (Neffenger)

APA Citation Style (7th Edition)

APA Citation Style

APA (American Psychological Association) Style is used in Social Science disciplines, like Psychology and Education. Always consult your assignment or ask your instructor for the correct citation style to use

Source: "Introduction to Citation Styles: APA 7th ed." by CSUDH Library, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Learn the basic conventions of citing sources in-text and in a reference list using the American Psychological Association (APA) Style, 7th edition.

What are 'annotations'?

When you have located your article and cite it, the annotation will go directly below the source citation.

What is an annotation?

Your annotation is a summary and connects the article to your research theme -- explain in 2-4 sentences what information the source contained, particularly what was important / interesting / unusual compared to other sources. This summary should be in your own words, not quoted. After summarizing the source, use 2-4 sentences to explain how the article connects with your research topic.

Tips for writing great annotations from the Purdue OWL:

Example of a Verbal Citation

Example of a verbal citation from a CMST 238 class at Green River College,  Auburn, WA, February 2019

Source: "Example of a Verbal Citation" by HolmanLibraryGRCC, Standard YouTube license

APA Handbooks

NoodleTools Citation Workshop

NoodleTools Citation Workshop

Scholarship is a Conversation!
This hands-on workshop will help you understand why and how to give credit in your academic work and beyond.

Workshop focus:
  • Understanding why and when to cite other works
  • Integrating and citing sources material
  • Using NoodleTools citation maker
Please create your NoodleTools account before attending the workshop. Instructions are below.


All Citation Workshops Meet in Person in HL213

  • Week 5: Wednesday May 1, 10-10:30 AM - (APA)
  • Week 6: Friday May 10, 12-12:30 PM - (MLA)
  • Week 7: Friday May 17, 12-12:30 PM - (APA)
  • Week 8: Wednesday May 22, 10-10:30 AM - (MLA)

See below for a link to our online asynchronous tutorial in Canvas. 

To Register:
  • Open the REGISTRATION LINK below to select the workshop date you would like.
  • We will send you registration confirmation. 
  • Please be sure to set up your NoodleTools Account or check your login to your existing account prior to the workshop. (Instructions are below.)
  • You may drop in without registering space permitting.
Set up your NoodleTools account
Asynchronous Citations & NoodleTools Workshops:

Can't attend a citation workshop at the scheduled times?  

You can take an online version of the workshop through our online NoodleTools Citation Tutorial in Canvas or the NoodleTools How-To Guide!