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CMST 213 Social Media (Neffenger)

Why Use Different Types of Articles?

Different types of articles give you different flavors of the information you need:

  • Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed or Academic Journal articles are good to find results of scientific or academic research.  They are written for scholars and provide in-depth analysis of a very specific area of your topic  (more info...)
  • Trade Journal articles are good for finding articles written for specific professions (police officer, veterinarian...etc.)  They often analyze new trends, research, tools or techniques important to their area of work (more info...)
  • Popular Magazine articles are good for summarizing information on a topic for the general public.  They often provide a background, summarize research findings, and provide some analysis of a topic (more info...)
  • Newspaper articles are good for facts and up-to-date information.  They often provide little analysis of a topic. (more info...)