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Photography: Finding Websites

Why Use Websites?

Websites can provide up-to-date information and can quickly lead you to further information 

Websites can cover a range of information types. One way to filter out some of the randomness of general web search results is to use Advanced Search limiters or a specialized search engine to find specific results.

Advanced Searching Google

Advanced Searching in Google 

URL domains can be clues to a site's reliability and ownership. Common URL domains include:

  • .com = commercial (ads & pop-ups)
  • .gov = U.S. government (official agencies)
  • .mil = U.S. military
  • .edu = educational (colleges & universities)
  • .org = organization (could be non-profit or for-profit, can be informative but often biased)
  • .net = network (could be almost anything, including personal websites)

You can limit your search results to sites with a specific domain by using the "site:" search shortcut. "Site searching" examples:

  • "politics in art" (would find educational resources on this topic) 
  • "politics in art" (would find U.S. government resources on this topic)
  • Note that there are NO spaces before or after the colon after the word "site"
Or use Google Advanced Search:

(Click on image to enlarge)

image of an advanced Google search page