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Photography: Find Photographers/Images

Select Contemporary Photographers

  1. Adam Fuss- pinhole photography, techno-consumerist culture
  2. Alec Soth-  folkloric/storytelling style documentary of Americans and their lived spaces
  3. Alex MacLean - evolution of the land from vast agricultural patterns to city grids, recording changes brought about by human intervention and natural processes
  4. Alfredo De Stefano - metaphors for the painful desertification of the planet caused by man
  5. An-My Le – military conflicts, history, landscape, people
  6. Andreas Gursky - tension between the clarity and formal nature, and the ambiguous intent and meaning they present, occasioned by their insertion into a ‘high-art’ environment
  7. Annie Leibovitz- celebrity portraiture, setup environmental portraiture
  8. Anthony Goicolea - issues of androgyny, homosexuality, and child sexuality
  9. Anthony Hernandez - space, urban landscapes, color/grayscale, poverty, photographic "language"
  10. Barbara Ess - "pinhole camera" photos, perspective, light/dark contrasts (B&W)
  11. Barbara Kruger - Social commentary
  12. Ben Huff documentation of modern landscapes and footprints
  13. Caleb Charland – Mysterious, the human presence and artifacts, space between our perceptions
  14. Chris Jordan- post Hurricane Katrina, global warming, and mass consumption
  15. Chris Steele-Perkins- quirky scenes
  16. Christian Boltanski - Difficult social themes, Holocaust images
  17. Cindy Sherman - Self portraits, social commentary
  18. David Hockney - Large format polaroids, and collage
  19. David Levinthal- toys that focus on heroism, struggle and catastrophe
  20. David Maisel - aerial images of landscapes, environmental degradation
  21. Diane Arbus- documentary, portraiture
  22. Dorothea Lange - documented the home front, especially among ethnic groups and workers uprooted by WW2
  23. Duane Michals - visual narratives
  24. Edward Burtynsky- industrial landscapes, altered landscapes, beauty and humanity in unlikely places
  25. Edward Weston - landscapes, nudes, sexy green peppers
  26. Eirik Johnsonexplores the human footprint on the environment
  27. Emmet Gowin -  documents the scarred land of military test sites, pivot irrigation, gold courses, etc.
  28. Eugene Richards- drug epidemic, poverty, low-income lifestyles
  29. Filip Dujardin - Architectural fascination and fictional building series
  30. Francesca Woodman - self-portraits, conceptualism and often featuring recurring symbolic motifs
  31. Franco Fontana - Landscapes, figures and nudes
  32. Fred Herzog - working class scenes, urban photography, Vancouver B.C.
  33. Ger van Elk- comically staged scenes
  34. Gordon Parks - Harlem, portraits, street photography
  35. Graciela Iturbide - black & white, portraits, surrealism
  36. Gregor Sailer – closed cities sealed off rom the outside world by walls or hostile landscapes
  37. Gregory Crewdson - tableaux of American homes and neighborhoods in a dramatic and cinematic style
  38. Harry Callahan - landscapes, personal portraiture of his wife
  39. Helen Levitt - city life in E. Harlem NY during 30s and 40s
  40. Henri Cartier (Bresson) - photojournalist-like photos, black & white, war photography
  41. Hiroshi Sugimoto- idealized representations, time
  42. Imogen Cunningham - landscapes, nudes, sexually charged still-life of flowers
  43. Jerry Uelsmann- darkroom manipulation, landscape/body
  44. Jim Kazanjian - how an image can have the potential to unfold and suggest something outside of itself
  45. Joel Meyerowitz- architectural counterpoints
  46. Joel Peter Witkin- macabre
  47. Joel Sternfeld - explores the irony of human-altered landscapes in the United States
  48. John Davies - landscape
  49. John Szarkowski - Midwestern USA, rural/urban landscapes
  50. Judith Joy Ross- environmental portraiture, narratives
  51. Larry Clark - drugs, guns, violence in media/culture
  52. Larry Sultan- surreal Gilles Peress- photojournalism
  53. Larry Wiese – metaphorical, imagination, characterized as dark, gothic, moody
  54. Letizia Battaglia- mafia, photojournalism
  55. Lewis Baltz- minimalist, architectural
  56. Li Wei – A mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of sometimes dangerous reality
  57. Loretta Lux- portraits of children that are strange, yet, simultaneously charming
  58. Lynne Cohen - functional spaces that emptied of their functionality
  59. Lynn Stern - black & white photos, natural light, still life
  60. Mark Dorf  constantly challenging the viewer to reconsider the way we consume a photograph and the way we envisage the landscape
  61. Mark Klett- documents change through a re-photographic survey of early photographs of the American West
  62. Mary Ellen Mark - Social documentation
  63. Michael Coyne - modern photojournalist 
  64. Michael Kenna - unusual landscapes with ethereal light
  65. Michael Wolf - focuses on the life in big cities and documents the architecture and vernacular culture of metropolises
  66. Nicholas Nixon- documentary portraitist
  67. Nick Knight- fashion
  68. Olivia Parker - Still life
  69. Patrick Tosani- look at the present, daily objects
  70. Paul Den Hollander- social time/expectation/recollection, still life
  71. Pedro Meyer- photographer and digital artist, Latin American social circumstances
  72. Ralph Ellison - writer / photographer, Harlem (New York), portraits
  73. Ralph Eugene Meatyard - haunting portraits of (almost) everyday life
  74. Ralph Gibson - black & white, body parts, abstract
  75. Richard Avedon- fashion/portrait, documentary/portraiture
  76. Richard Misrach- landscape, natural and human change
  77. Robert Adams- landscape, rephotographic survey, man's power for ill
  78. Robert Heineckenparaphotographer, hotographic images without a camera
  79. Robert Mapplethorpe - Flowers, portraits and nudes. Erotic imagery, controversial
  80. Robert Polidori - “After the Flood,” post- Katrina New Orleans
  81. Robert Rauschenburg - Mixed media/collage/printmaking
  82. Robert Stivers - black and white photography, still life, portraiture, abstract
  83. Sally Mann- environmental portraiture, landscape, early childhood, nudes
  84. Sandy Skoglund- staged scenes, sculptural narratives, surreal
  85. Sebastiao Salgado - documentary photography of workers in less developed nations
  86. Shelby Lee Adams- Appalachian portraiture
  87. Shomei Tomatsu - Post-war, influencing the anti-establishment, "Provoke" photography movement (Japan late 1960s)
  88. Steven L. Miller - black and white photography
  89. Taryn Simon - secrete documentary, documenting regions in turmoil
  90. Teun Hocks- staged, unfathomable stories
  91. Thomas Florschuetz- body, forensic, fragmented body
  92. Todd Hido - urban and suburban housing across the U.S
  93. Uta Barth – abstract motion, color movement, space and light qualities, memory
  94. Vivian Maier -- American street photographer, portraits from New York City
  95. Walker Evans - documentary, great depression
  96. William Eggleston- hometown, ordinary
  97. Wynn Bullock - surreal landscapes, nudes

New Options (Fall 2019 & Winter 2020)

  • Barbra Ess
  • Josef Koudelka
  • Daido Moriyama
  • Nobuyoshi Araki
  • Sarah Moon
  • Eli Reed – Photojournalist
  • Jeff Wall
  • Susan Meiselas
  • Roger Ballen
  • Steve Mccurry
  • Sophie Calle
  • Thomas Struth
  • Anton Corbijn
  • Rineke Dijkstra
  • Paolo Pellegrin
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Richard Mosse
  • Mathew Brady
  • Eugene Atget
  • Man Ray
  • Andre Kertesz
  • Albert Renger-Patzsch
  • Brassai
  • Robert Capa
  • Helmut Newton
  • Robert Hausser
  • Ara Guler
  • William Klein
  • David Goldblatt
  • Bernd and Hilla Becher
  • Ralph Gibson

Photojournalism Sites

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, 2012 Presidential Primaries Debate

Presidential Debate - President Barak Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney (4 Oct. 2012). Wikimedia Foundation. Denver, CO. Retrieved from

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Metropolitan Museum of Art


William Eggleston, Huntsville, Alabama. 

Fig.2. William Eggleston. Huntsville, Alabama. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1970. Web. 11 April, 2012.

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