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Photography: Citing your Sources with MLA

Cite your image in MLA style. When citing images / photos, put the creation date (year) immediately after the title of the work. 

The basic pieces of information you'll want for an MLA citation are below:

Basic Formula For MLA Works Cited Citations
Include as much of the following as possible:
Author. Title of Source. Title of Container, Other Contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication Date, Location. Date Accessed.

Author. Last Name, rest of name as presented in the source.
Title of Source. Put name of source in italics. **However, if citing an article or part of the source, put that tile in quotation marks with no italics: "Article Name."
Title of Container, Title of the whole source (if and only if you have cited an article of part of a whole source. Ex. book chapter)
Other Contributors, Example: Edited by,
Version, Example: 7th ed.
Number, Any numbered sequence. Example: vol. 3, no. 7,)
Publisher, (none required for articles)
Publication Date, Date as given on source with the following style: day, month (abbreviated). year,. Example: 8 Sep. 2019,
**Use a season, if given. Example: Spring 2020,

For a book or book chapter, list chapter pages. Example: pp.250-259
For an article from a database, after page numbers list name of database and DOI. Example: pp. 190-203. ProQuest, doi:10.3149/jmh.1203.195. (if no "doi" include URL without "https://)

Access Date. Date you retrieved the source or last viewed a web page. Optional for electronic sources.

Automatic Citation Generator

NoodleTools automatically generates citations
in the correct format!

MLA Citation Style

MLA Citation Style

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is used in Literature, Arts, and Humanities disciplines. Always consult your assignment or ask your instructor for the correct citation style to use

Quick Guide - MLA

Looking for information about the older, 7th edition of the MLA Citation Style?
Contact a librarian using the link below for more information.

Image captions in Presentations & Papers

Just as you would always provide in-text citation information for copied text, you must for images and photographs!

According to the MLA Handbook, images within a research paper "should be labeled Figure (usually abbreviated Fig.), assigned an arabic numeral, and given a caption." Example:

Fig. 3. Aaron Siskind. Chicago, 1960. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Web. 11 April, 2012.