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Find Statistics

Search Strategies for Finding Statistics

Try the search strategies outlined below when you are looking for articles from library databases.

Note: This search strategy will not help you find all statistics on a topic; sometimes statistics are buried within other articles that are not found using the search term"statistics."

Search tips
  1.  Add the word "statistics" as a keyword in your search. (This image is for ProQuest, but the tip works in most library databases.)
  2. At the drop-down fields menu at the end of the search box select "All Subjects and Indexing - SU". This ensures that "statistics" are a major subject in the results

click on image to enlarge)

statistics in databases

Charts, graphs, and diagrams

Statistics are often found inside books and articles, namely, in the graphs, charts, and diagrams within them. 

The image of the graph below is from a CQ Research report and is but one example of how you can locate find statistical information in larger information sources. 

(click on image to enlarge)

image shows an chart with stats that was pulled from the article

Image Source: Mantel, B. (2010, April 2). Breast cancer. CQ Researcher,  20, 289-312. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com

Articles or Books
  • As you research, take the time to skim through your findings to uncover these "buried  treasures"

  • Follow leads in the article to find other statistics (see example below):

(click on image to enlarge)

this is an image of a web article that shows a part of the text highlighted - in the text you can see statistics embedded.

Statistics on the Web

Find government statistics on the web using Smart Search skills:
  1. Type in a keyword for your topic: eg. recidivism teenaged boys statistics
  2. Limit your search to government websites: site:.gov

statistics working mothers paid leave site:.gov

Statistics by Topic Area

Consider the links below, organized by topic.

Government Statistical Sources
Public Research Organizations 

Explore for relevant stats.

Additional Resources

For more help locating statistics, see the Statistics Research Guide (link below)

Data Literacy

Source: "This is How Easy It Is to Lie With Statistics " by Zach Star, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.