ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Theme: Work)

Generate Keywords & Find your Focus

Concept Maps

Concept mapping is a great tool for helping you:

  1. Choose your topic
  2. Develop Research Questions
  3. Narrow or Broaden a Research Topic

The video below demonstrates how to use concept mapping to brainstorm ideas and find a narrower focus for the starting topic of climate change.

Apply the concept of concept mapping to your starting topic!

Source: "Concept Mapping " by North Seattle College Library , is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Finding Concepts, Terminology, & Focus in Reference Articles

Skim Reference, or Subject Encyclopedia, articles to gather keywords, concepts, terminology of the field, and ways to focus a big topic.

The excerpt below shows an article on Work Life Balance. Skimming through this article, I begin to learn what the topic is about. In addition, I find some useful terminology for future searches and I also see that I could focus on family needs in work-life balance. Click on image to enlarge.

gvrl work life balance

Video: From Topic to Keywords