ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Theme: Work)

Find Print & eBooks @ Holman Library

Find Books in Holman Library

Type in your search terms to find relevant books and book chapters on your subject.

  • Remember to use keywords or simple keyword phrases
  • Connect and focus your keywords with AND (ex: wages AND "cost of living")
  • Expand your search with OR (ex: wages OR salary)
  • Enclose exact phrases in quotation marks (ex: "living wage")

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catalog search - hiring AND discrimination

Picking the Right Book

To help you select a book from the results list, click on a title to learn more about a book. Look for the following:

  • Date published: Is it current enough? For example, books on global warming from the 1990s are not current enough!

  • Description and/or Contents: This section indicates what a book is about, which helps you determine if the book is relevant. Often you can even see the chapters listed out, which can also tell you more about the book's contents. You can also tell if the book is a collection of essays. Essays may be useful for short writing assignments.

  • Subjects: Are the Subjects of the book on your topic? These subjects are how the catalog organizes and searches for content. Trying clicking on a relevant one to find other possibly useful titles!

    • In the image below, if I want to find other books on the Minimum wage in the US or the Living Wage movement, I can click on a subject term to link to those books.

  • Availability: If the book is in print, is it available? If you are taking an online class, is this an e-book? Look at the information on the record to learn more. 

Image of Print Book record with shelf location, subjects, description and contents.

Print Book Record

Why Books?

Why Read Books?

Books cover topics from a range of perspectives. Books may provide history, opinion, personal experience, research, and more.

Look for relevant book chapters that add to your knowledge on your topic. Cite just that chapter!

eBooks at Holman Library

Searching Ebook Collections

The next step in the process is to find evidence to support your own argument. Books are a great place to browse for more evidence. Holman Library has a collection of over 25,000 electronic books that you can read online.

  • You can search for these electronic books, or eBooks, in the library catalog (see instructions below), or you can try searching your topic in ebook databases directly.