CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice (Williams)

For students in Michelle Williams' CJ 101

Find Current News in Newspapers & Magazines

Finding Magazines & Newspaper Articles

Find magazine, newspaper, and multimedia news sources on current issues.

Search Tips:
  • To limit your search to only magazine and/or new articles, select magazines or newspapers at Publication Type.

  • If you choose newspaper articles, look for substance! Try limiting to cover story or feature for longer articles.

Or, another option: Go directly to the alternative press
Search in all library databases at once

Why News Media?

Why News Sources?

Learn about current issues in criminal justice from credible news sources. 

News sources are "non-scholarly," but that does not mean they are bad sources. These are sources that are researched by journalists for the general public, rather than an academic or professional audience.

Unlike scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, news sources generally cover current events and issues.

Editorials and Op-Eds even provide opinion.

Popular news sources are a good place to look if you want to see what has happened on an issue or what public opinion might be.