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Kanopy Instructions - GRC Faculty: Kanopy (faculty/staff)

Kanopy (faculty/staff)

What's on this page?

Left (1st) Column

  1. Signing up for a Kanopy account
  2. Viewing videos on Kanopy & requesting GRC access
  3. "My Memberships" on Kanopy (using Kanopy with multiple libraries)

Right (2nd) Column

  1. How can I watch Kanopy videos as a GRC student?
  2. Need more help?

Signing Up for a Kanopy Account

In order to stream videos in class or on your computer, you will need to sign up for an individual log in to Kanopy. If you are off-campus, you may need to sign-in to the Holman Library's subscription by providing your GRC ID number. You will use an email address for your username and will set your own password for your individual account:Kanopy Log In or Sign Up options

Green River College Database Access Sign In screen

New Account Sign Up - Kanopy

If you already have a Kanopy account, you can go directly to the log in page instead by selecting "I already have an account."

Watching Videos & "My Memberships" in Kanopy

Viewing Films

Once you have signed up for an individual Kanopy account, you can log in and browse the films available for viewing. (You can also browse film titles without logging in, but will be asked to log in once you select a film title).

Each film you begin to view through Green River College's Kanopy account will charge the library for a single "use" (play credit)--

  1. Once you press play on a film, you have 3 days to finish watching the film. You can watch the film as many times as you like within the 3-day window.
  2. Additional viewing outside of the 3-day window will charge another "use" to the library.
  3. You can "preview" a film, and then show it on a classroom computer within the same 3-day period-- you will log in with your personal Kanopy account on each computer.
In order to arrange access to a film or films --for class use or a campus showing-- please fill out Holman Library's film request form FIRST

This allows us to keep track of demand and use of our films during our trial of this service.

Managing Kanopy "Memberships" 

Viewing films using accounts from multiple libraries

(King County Library System + Green River or Others)

You can link your Kanopy account to multiple libraries that offer Kanopy access and manage your permissions at Kanopy's website. For example, Green River College faculty & staff can access Kanopy through both KCLS (King County Library System) and Holman Library. You will see the libraries linked to your Kanopy account on your "My Memberships" page once you log in--

My Memberships - Kanopy

You can toggle between your preferred library accounts ("memberships") on this page.

Please Note - If you set "Green River Community College" as your default account, the college will automatically be charged each time you hit play on a film.


More information on managing your Kanopy memberships (and how "play credits" work if you are using a linked KCLS account) is available at Kanopy's help pages:

If you would like to set up a KCLS/GRC faculty account to view up to 5 films a month for free through KCLS (for personal, not classroom use), you can find the free sign-up here:

How can I watch Kanopy videos as a student?

If you have a video you need to watch for a class, your instructor should provide you with a direct link to access the video-- either in class or through the class Canvas site. If you don't have the link for a class video, you will want to contact your instructor.

If you find other videos you would like to watch on Kanopy, you can view them with a KCLS digital account available through Green River-- up to 5 films a month!

There are more directions on how to log in to your KCLS/GRC shared digital account here:

Need more help?

Please contact us at the Holman Library Reference Desk or via email ( -- we're happy to answer questions and help you set up films for campus viewings!