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So You Want to Talk about Race

2021-2022 GRC One Book 

Join in the Conversation as we read local author Ijeoma Oluo's New York Times bestseller So You Want to Talk about Race.
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One Book Events: Fall Quarter

ONE BOOK Virtual Brown Bag Series Fall 2021

#1 Thursday Oct. 7, 12-1 PM | Tsega Gaim
Stop Wasting My Time: Why Asking Black People to Wait is Racist

Too often the response to racial progress has been, “Wait, it's not the right time!” But the expectation that Black Americans should wait for the rest of America to educate themselves and get on board is a racist act itself. Please join in this presentation centered around why we can’t wait, and how you may be hindering the movement with your patience.  

#2 Thursday Oct. 21, 12-1 PM | Sara Keene
Privilege in Context: Understanding the Origins of Whiteness and Ways to Dismantle Racial Privileges

This workshop engages with Oluo’s discussion of privilege by tracing the origins of racial constructions and identifying how they have become institutionalized in US society, conferring privileges on White people and exclusions and oppression on BIPOC communities. Space will be provided to discuss various ways to use White privilege to recognize, disrupt and dismantle racial inequities and contribute to structural change. 

Stay Tuned for a Link to the Video Recording of this talk.

#3 Thursday Nov. 4, 12-1 PM | Dr. Jashon Banks
Education to Incarceration Pipeline

This talk examines how current U.S. policies create a narrative that minor and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds will become incarcerated. In fact, it is these increasingly harsh school, state, and federal policies that have created a large influx of minority school aged children in the prison system. Now, experts are talking about how these educational inequalities contribute to the growing violence in American cities.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82370363370  | Passcode: 280288

#4 Nov. 18, 12-1 PM | Panelists include Amanda Chin, Tina Christian, Erica Ihrig, &Chitra Solomonson. Facilitated by Stephanie Hoffman
Unpacking the Model Minority Myth, Yellow Peril, and Racial Triangulation in an Asian America

Polite (without talking back). Hard-working (with little complaint). Smart, driven, and successful (without being aggressive or taking lead roles). New to America (despite migration waves from the 1800s). 

 In So You Want to Talk about Race, Ijeoma Oluo opens a window into a narrative of Asians and Asian-Americans told to a White and Western world that is alternatingly welcoming and threatening. Join the AAA Caucus in a panel event where several Asian and Asian-American faculty and staff will reflect on the narratives that have shaped their movement both past and present through society broadly and higher education more specifically.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84625174549 | Passcode: 755375 

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