Research Guide: Statistics

This guide is a starting place to help you locate statistics on a variety of topics from many different sources

Wolfram|Alpha Search

Creating graphic data

Wolfram Alpha is a unique search engine that dynamically converts searches into graphical and tabular data.

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image shows a military expenditures map

The "Examples by Topic" section shows the range of data it can compute. When searching, be sure to check out the source information link at the bottom of the page to see where the data came from.


Google Public Data

Using Google Public Data

Google Public Data provides visual representations of U.S. data at the national, state and county levels.

Below are some sample searches you might try:
See the video below for more about how to use Google Public Data: 

Video: How to Use Google to Find Public Data

Source: "Google Public Data Explorer" by Google, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Learn about Google's Public Data Explorer tool and how to locate public data to support your research.

Maps with Stats

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image shows a visual of statistics


Visual statistics

GapMinder displays data from 430 social indicators (demographics, heath, environment and much more) in graphs that "move" the data over time periods. Either browse data or use search box in upper right-hand corner.

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Image shows a colorful chart displaying statistics on life expectancy

Example: "Changes in Life Expectancy 1801-2007 by Country and Income"