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Local Governmental Assistance

Local Governmental Assistance

The Washington State DSHS Naturalization Program provides citizenship services to legal immigrants who receive public assistance through cash, medical, or food assistance programs administered by DSHS.  This includes immigrants who are barred from federal benefits because of their immigration status and who are eligible to naturalize, or are within one year of being eligible to naturalize.


Naturalization services include:
  • Intake Screening to ensure there are no issues that need to be resolved before applying.
  • Assistance with completion and submittal of the Application for Naturalization form.
  • Payment of the Application for Naturalization required fee.
  • Payment of fingerprint fee when required.
  • Fee waiver requests.
  • Citizenship training and instruction, including classes in American History and Civics.
  • Assistance in obtaining test exemptions such as Medical Disability Exceptions and age and time in country when appropriate.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Appeals.

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