Chem 131

Research Support Guide


Helpful Web Resources for your Research Assignment:

Click on the tab "Library Resources" (above, next to "Websites") to find additional useful research tools. 

Consumer Health Info Resources: 

Information for the general public is a great place to start your research. Sources will be accessible and practical. Note that one source will likely not address all your questions. 

Healthcare Databases for Professionals:

These resources contain current research articles, health care reports, and other information for healthcare workers.

Note that you can limit by source type. Try magazines and CEUs (continuing education units) for more practical and accessible sources. Academic journals will be a good source for current research.

You Will Need to Know

Research Required!

Ultimately for this project, you will need to answer a range of questions about your chosen molecule. That takes research!

Use resources listed on the pages of this guide to research your molecule. 

Be sure to look at the complete assignment requirements in your Canvas classroom. Among other things, you need to learn:  

  • the molecular structure
  • brand names of the medical molecule
  • field(s) of medicine that utilize this medical molecule
  • how the molecule is used
  • what the molecule does 
  • how the molecule works - its metabolic pathways and mode of operation
  • what systems the molecule impacts
  • what dosage is recommended - for different groups, including, if relevant, different age groups, genders, races, health (such as immunocompromised individuals)
  • side effects
  • lethal dosage
  • animal testing
  • shelf life