Chem 131

Research Support Guide

Find Scholarship

Find Current Research on your Molecule with Library One Search

Follow these steps below to search OneSearch

  1. Type your molecule name into the search box below and click Search. If your molecule is more than one word, use quotation marks to search the words together. 
  • The image below shows that a search of the molecule ibuprofen returns over 90,000 sources.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

ibuprofen in one search

  1. Refine your search. 
  • From the results page, click on Advanced Search to the right of the search bar. You can focus your search results by adding an additional keyword, such as a field of medicine or medical issue.
  • Check the box in the left menu for scholarly peer-reviewed journals to limit your search to research articles. 
  • You can scroll down and set a date limit to find current sources. 
  1. Browse articles to find a useful source. 
  • Click on a title that sounds relevant. Scroll down the page to read the abstract, which is a summary of the article, to decide if you want to read through the whole article.
  • Click on View Online or use the database link to find the full text of the article. 
  • The image below illustrates a refined search for ibuprofen AND "orthopedic surgery". Note the first article from 2018 on pain management following minor pediatric orthopedic surgery. 

(Click on image to enlarge.)

ibuprofen AND orthopedic surgery